The new, hand-held laser scanner ZEISS T-SCAN CS sets new standards with exceptional performance, ease-of-use and outstanding value-for-money.

THE NEW LASER SCANNING ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION Fast, intuitive and highly precise 3D scanning has now taken on a new dimension in coordinate measurement technology with the hand-held laser scanner ZEISS T-SCAN CS. The revolutionary and modular all-in-one concept, includes perfectly matched components (tracking camera, hand-held scanner and touchprobe), thereby offering highest flexibility for a large variety of applications.

Quality Control / Inspection

  • Comparison to CAD data
  • Boundary/edge extraction (sheetmetal parts)
  • Production-related inspection

Mold and Toolmaking

  • Tool reconstruction
  • Generation of tool paths for milling
  • Documentation of actual 3D data at tool release Design
  • Scanning of design models for further processing in CAD data and as documentation

Rapid Manufacturing

  • Acquisition of 3D data for Rapid Prototyping Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning

  • Scanning of art/historical objects
  • Archaeology
  • Medical technical applications


Measurement Depth

+ / – 50 mm

Scan Width

up to 125 mm

Mean Working Distance

150 mm

Scan Frequency

up to 200 Hz

Sensor Weight

900 g

Sensor Dimensions(incl. handle and IR pins)

300 x 170 x 150 mm

Standard Cable Length Scanner-PC

10 m

Lateral Resolution

0,075 mm

Laser Type



670 nm

Laser Class

2 M

Available Software


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