You experience especially high throughput thanks to the extremely short measuring times of the ZEISS COMET Pro AE.

An impressive combination of high-end technologies for quick and precise automated 3D digitization. At the heart of the ZEISS AIBox and ZEISS AIBox flex digitization systems is the next generation of 3D sensor ZEISS COMET Pro AE for faster and more precise modular at-line measurements.

Adaptive projection

  • ILC – Intelligent Light Control automatically adjusts the amount of light projected onto the respective object surface.
  • Increased measuring speed because no manual adjustments to the measuring parameters or time-consuming workpiece preparation are required.
  • Possible to scan mixed-material surfaces with just a single capture.

High-resolution camera

More precise 3D data with 16 megapixel camera: for digitizing filigree structures and identifying tiny details such as scratches.

Integrated photogrammetry camera

Individual captures are positioned and aligned for the complete digitization of large components like vehicle doors or car bodies.

ZEISS CALIGO universal measuring software

A uniform measuring software provides you with greater flexibility: use measurement plans and personnel in the measuring lab or on the shop floor as needed.

Automatically configured exposure time

Automatic real-time configuration of the exposure time in line with the measurement mode and surface further increases ease-of-use, identifying and compensating for unwanted external factors such as vibrations or ambient light.

Fusion of 3D data and edge illumination captures

Combination of different measuring methods for greater structure resolution and data quality.

Short measuring times for at-line quality assurance

You experience especially high throughput thanks to the extremely short measuring times of the ZEISS COMET Pro AE.

Integrated efficiency: simplified operation and measurement runs

Reduce costs thanks to exceptional ease-of-use and automated measurement runs with robot-guided 3D measuring technology.


Camera resolution

– Fringe projection: 16 Megapixel, resolution of 4896 x 3264

– Photogrammetry: 29 Megapixel

 Scanning speed

– LowRes (2448 x 1632): 1.9 s
– HighRes (4896 x 3264): 3.5 s
– Measurement speed up to 4.6 MP/s.

Measurement volume

550 x 370 x 400 mm³

Point distance

114 μm

Working distance

570 mm
The sensor is equipped with laserpointers to visualize the optimum measuring distance.

Calibration procedure

Automated calibration routine
Recalibration is only necessary if the ambient conditions have changed

Technical data – Sensor hardware


16.5 kg


Robust aluminum housing for industrial applications.


490 x 310 x 270 mm³

Protection rating

Protected against objects with diameter ≥ 2.5 mm.

Power supply

Power pack suitable for worldwide usage.

Max. cable length

Up to 30 m

Ambient Condition

Temperature monitoring

The system temperature is actively monitored.

Operating temperature range

10 … 42 °C

Temperature window for measurement operation

Temperature at which calibration was performed ± 4 K

Storage temperature

-15 … 60 °C

Relative air humidity range

0 … 80 %


Supplied software

• ZEISS colin3D is used for data acquisition, cutting, smoothing, mesh generation and visualizing deviations via error map. (mandatory software)
• ZEISS CALIGO is optionally supplied for complex inspection tasks.

Mesh generation

The ZEISS colin3D software generates STL meshes. For mesh generation, triangles are aligned along the curvature.

Import formats

CATIA V4/V5/V6, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, ACIS, CGK, IGES, JT, OBJ, PLY, STEP, STL, Autocad, CADDS & CAMU, I-DEAS, MEDUSA, Strässle EUKLID, Robcad, Parasolid, Unigraphics, VDA, VRML 2.0

Export formats


Matching of patches

To align the patches in a global coordination system, 3 methods are supported:
• Free matching
No need for markers or targets if the scanned object has sufficient structure.
• Tie-point matching
Markers are used to align patches on unstructured, flat test objects like an engine cowling.
• Photogrammetry
Alignment of patches without overlap or on large test objects via pre-measured coded markers.


IT hardware

Workstation Windows 10 64-bit

Transport case

Compact, rugged carry case with rollers and form cut padding for easy transport to any location. The suitcase is air-freight-capable.

Download Download System Data Sheet COMET Pro AE

System Data Sheet COMET Pro AE| PDF

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