The highly innovative ZEISS COMET 6 16 M combines high-end technology, ergonomics and a compact design to offer optimum flexibility and precision for challenging tasks.

The COMET 6 16 M is highly flexible. The user can choose between a higher resolution and maximum speed at any time, achieving optimal performance for the specific usage. The low working distance even with large measuring fields enables simple, time-saving handling, especially in confined spaces.

The ability to simply and quickly change the measurement field makes it easy to adapt the system to the broadest range of objects and uses.

Modular Design

The unique concept of the ZEISS COMET 6 16 M sensor is based on a modular design with the tried-and-tested single-camera technology so that the measurement field size can be quickly adapted to the measuring task at hand.

High Resolution

With its high resolution, the high-end ZEISS COMET 6 16 M sensor with a 16 megapixel camera covers a previously unobtainable level of detail for the digitalisation of delicate objects or for uses requiring an extraordinary amount of detail.

High Light Power and Intelligent Projection

The COMET 6 16 M projection unit is characterized by an extremely bright LED and innovative optics. The light quantity projected onto the relevant object surface can be adapted to minimise undesired effects such as glare.

User-Oriented Ergonomics

The compact sensor design and handling system offer maximum user friendliness and ergonomic operation. The sensor can be adjusted easily, precisely and quickly – enabling the user to operate the system intuitively and conveniently.


  • 16 megapixel camera resolution
  • Adaptive projection for optimum lighting
  • Excellent data quality
  • High measurement speed
  • Ergonomic sensor handling
  • Easy-to-change measurement field
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Selectable measuring mode
  • Maximum resolution
  • Maximum image capture speed


Camera resolution

4896 x 3264


Measurement volume

80 – 81 x 54 x 40 mm3

150 – 145 x 97 x 80 mm3

250 – 274 x 193x 160 mm3

400 – 382 x 254 x 200 mm3

700 – 656 x 437 x 400 mm3

1200 – 1235 x 823 x 600 mm3


3D point distance

80/150 – 250/400 – 700/1200

80/150: 16 µm/30 µm – 250/400: 56 µm /78 µm – 700/1200: 134 µm /252 µm


Working distance

80, 150;  420 mm / 600 mm

250, 400; 600 mm / 785 mm

700, 1200; 785 mm / 1400 mm

Fastest measuring time in seconds

1.2 sec.


64-bit high-end workstation with Windows 7

Sensor positioning

Tripod or column stand with manual rotary/swivel axis

Automatic object positioning

Rotary tables COMETrotary, COMETdual rotary

Available software

ZEISS colin3D

Download Download System Data Sheet Comet 6

System Data Sheet Comet 6| PDF

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