Maximum efficiency and performance for your automated measurement processes in quality assurance with the new sensor COMET Automated!


COMET Automated uses innovative maintenance-free yet also cost-effective LED lighting technology with a long service life. The high light output generated by the LED pulse mode guarantees excellent measuring results even in difficult ambient conditions. The sensor housing with ZEISS’s proven single-camera technology and the sensor structure specially designed for automation provide effortless access to difficult-to-reach points on single parts through to entire vehicles.


Equipped with two mounting flanges, COMET Automated can be integrated into all conventional robot systems and easily controlled with the ZEISS VISIO 7 software irrespective of the area of use. The working distance, specially designed for automated, optical measurements, and the size of the measurement field make it quick and efficient to inspect components with the most diverse shapes and surface properties.


3D data acquisition with the ZEISS COMET Automated is particularly fast. The sensationally short measurement time and user-friendly software allow efficient measurements.


Delivering excellent data quality and highly accurate results, COMET Automated is also ideal for demanding uses in the field of quality assurance. Intelligent positioning techniques and the photogrammetric camera optionally integrated into the sensor allow measurements on even extremely large objects.

Impressive Performance

  • High measurement speed
  • Short working distance
  • Large measurement volume
  • Two positions for the robot flange, on the side, e.g. for measurements in vehicle interiors
  • Connection to several robot types/manufacturers

Innovative High-End Technology

  • High-end camera
  • High point resolution
  • Compact, robust housing
  • Projector with extremely high light output
  • High-end precision lenses
  • Integrated photogrammetry camera with LED lighting (optional)
  • Collision protection (optional)
  • Combinable with hand-guided option for Kuka robots

Areas of Use

  • Quality control / inspection
  • Initial sampling
  • Measurements during series production
  • Production-related inspections Tool and mould-making
  • Current status determination at tool release

Technical Features

  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Measurement volume: 600 mm x 450 mm x 400 mm
  • Point resolution 180 μm
  • Optional: integrated 16 megapixel photogrammetry camera

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