The benchmark for the laser sintering of high-quality metal parts – with enhanced quality management features.

The EOS M 290 is the successor to the market-leading EOS M 280 for the tool-free production of high-quality serial components, spare parts and prototypes. This new system is designed to serve the requirements of serial-production customers while providing new optimisation in build quality. The build chamber is identical to the M 280 at 250 mm X 250 mm X 325 mm.

The M 290 offers extensive monitoring functions both for the system itself and the build process, making the system attractive for aerospace and medical applications. The machine can be operated under an inert (nitrogen) atmosphere or under argon, which permits processing of light alloys, stainless and tool-grade steels and superalloys. The EOS ParameterEditor allows customers to modify a range of exposure parameters.

Proven quality

  • Tool-free manufacturing of high-quality metal serial components, spare parts and functional prototypes
  • Enhancement of the well-known EOSINT M 280, the leading system on the market

Modular Components

  • 400-watt fibre laser provides an exceptionally high beam quality combined with performance stability
  • System operates in protective nitrogen as well as argon atmospheres. This allows the system to process a wide range of materials

Enhanced Monitoring

  • Three new modules EOS PowderBed, EOSTATE Base, EOSTATE LaserMonitoring enable quality management at the highest level
  • Optimized for the requirements of industrial production

Optimized process gas management

  • Fewer filter changes and longer lifetime thanks to a recirculating filter system with automated self-cleaning

Intuitive software

  • System can be operated via touch screen
  • Graphical user interface for an intuitive, task-based machine operation
  • Wizard guidance supports the system operator

Extensive Portfolio

  • Wide range of materials: from light metals to stainless and tool steel to superalloys
  • Broad range of applications: EOS ParameterSets manufacture parts with standardized Part Property Profiles (PPPs)
  • The ParameterEditor enables you to modify parameters to meet individual requirements


Building volume (incl. building platform)

250 mm x 250 mm x 325 mm (9.85 in x 9.85 in x 12.8 in)

Laser type

Yb-fibre laser, 400 W

Precision optics

F-theta-lens; high-speed scanner

Scan speed

up to 7.0 m/s (23 ft/s)

Focus diameter

100 μm (0.004 in)

Power supply

32 A

Power consumption

maximum 8.5 kW / typically 3.2 kW

Nitrogen generator


Compressed air supply

7,000 hPa; 20 m³/h (102 psi; 706 ft³/h)

Dimensions (W x D x H)


2,500 mm x 1,300 mm x 2,190 mm (98.4 x 51.2 x 86.2 in)

Recommended installation space

minimum 4.8 m x 3.6 m x 2.9 m (189 in x 142 in x 114 in)


approx. 1 250 kg ( 2.756 lb)

Data preparation


EOS RP Tools; EOSTATE;EOSPRINT; Materialise Magics RP
approx. 1,250 kg (2,756 lb)

CAD interface

STL (optional: converter for all standard formats)



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